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ASE Governing Council Meeting

Albuquerque School of Excellence Governing Council sets next meeting in May and will meet at 10a.m. on Saturday, July 21, at ASE-Room 320 on 13201 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112. For more information about the meeting, please call 505-312-7711.

The Open Forum for public comment will be held at the beginning of the GC meeting with five minutes per presenter. Presenters for the Open Forum are asked to sign up prior to the meeting. Persons from the same group and having similar viewpoints are asked to select a spokesperson to speak on their behalf. Multiple and repetitious presentations of the same view will be discouraged.

The draft agenda for the meeting may be viewed below. Draft Agenda

School Supply List for 2018-2019 School Year

1st Grade Supply List ……………………………2nd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List ……………………………4th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supply List ……………………………6th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List ……………………………8th Grade Supply List

9th Grade-FRESHMAN's Supply List ………10th Grade-SOPHOMORE's Supply List

11th Grade-JUNIOR's Supply List …………12th Grade-SENIOR's Supply List

Dress Code Policy

As authorized by state law and the school’s charter, students are required to wear uniforms to school. The school’s uniform policy and grooming standards are established to teach grooming and hygiene, creates a safe and orderly environment, instill discipline, and eliminate competition and distractions caused by varied dress styles. Students are expected to arrive in a proper school uniform every day, display modesty and neatness, and take pride in their uniforms. The school relies on student common sense and the support of parents to help maintain this dress code.

Please Click Here to Read Policy.

Student & Parent Handbook for 2018-2019

Click here for Student Handbook 2018 2019

The following parts have been added or amended:
Illness Notes by Parents
Locker Theft and School Responsibility
Tardy Policy
Student Meal/Lunch/After Care Balance

Summer Reading List

10 thru 12 Graders' Summer Reading List

AP English Literature Students

7th thru 9th Grade Summer Reading List

UPDATED 6th Grade Summer Reading List

5th Grade Summer Reading List

Bell Schedule for 2018-2019 School Year

ASE’s school day will begin at 7:55am for Monday thru Friday for all grade levels. However, the dismissal times vary as follows:
Grade 1-6 at 2:21 pm on Monday thru Thursday but 12:58pm on Friday.

Grade 7-12 at 3:08 pm on Monday thru Thursday but 1:10pm on Friday.

The campus is available for student drop-off Monday through Friday at 7:30am. All students must be picked up by 3:20 pm (M-TH) and 1:20 pm on Friday. For safety reasons, please do not drop off students before 7:25am and pick up no later than specified above time.

Afterschool care will be available for our students. After school Care will be availabe to all students as well at a reasonable fee as well:
$70 Monthly for 2:20pm-3:30pm (The fee for siblings of Grade 7-12 is waived.)
$140 Monthly for 3:30pm-5:30pm

-All After School Care Fees are non-refundable and must be paid by the 1st Friday of the Month.

Click here for Bell Schedule

Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 School Year

Click here to download the calendar for 2018-2019 Academic Year

It's the Rule! Shots Records Before the School!

Children will not be enrolled unless an immunization record is presented and immunizations are up-to-date. Please make sure your child shots are done or you provide an exemption before school starts.

Download the Flyer Provided by NMCSD

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